Register As A Pro-Bono Partner


Registration Is Free
  • Complete a Pro-bono partner registration form and submit same with a valid means of identification (National ID, International passport, Voters card, or Driver’s license) and a copy of your certificate of call to bar.
  • Click on basic subscription to Juriscope Legal Tips and subscribe for free as a basic subscriber.
  • Upon receipt of your form you shall be formally registered as a pro-bono partner and added to the whatsApp/Telegram platform.
  • A Pro-Bono Partner must be a young lawyer of not more than 10 years post call.


Based on approval and support from Lawquest Foundation, a Pro-bono partner shall be required to organize Awareness Seminars on Civic or Basic Legal Education in any community of his/her choice.

  • Introduction and Orientation of New Pro-bono Partners
    • A pro-bono partner is required to conduct orientation for new pro-bono partners.
  • Providing First Aid Legal Clinics and pro-bono Services
    • A pro-bono partner is required to provide first aid legal clinic through our Peju’s Legal Clinic.
  • Contributions To Juriscope Legal Tips
    • A pro-bono partner is required to be a contributor to Jursicope Legal Tips – you and the law publication that exposes the subscribers to basic legal and civic education.


  • A Pro-Bono Partner shall be entitled to a minimum of N2000 as consultation fee for every person attended to on Peju’s Legal clinic.
  • A Pro-Bono Partner shall be entitled to N15,000 for any approved awareness seminar organized by him/her.
  • A Pro-Bono Partner shall be entitled to a maximum of N12,000.00 for any contribution posted on the pro-bono platform, where such a contribution is published in Juriscope Legal Tips.
    • Tit-bit – N2,000.00.
    • Pro-bono Legal Advice – N7,000.00
    • Law Report for non-lawyers – N5,000.00
    • Legal Opinion and Article– N12,000.00
    • Legal News – N3,000.00

Subject to a maximum of N25,000 a pro-bono partner shall be entitled to transport allowance for each pro-bono case assigned to him/her – Assignment of pro-bono cases shall depend on the number of Juriscope Legal Tips subscribers and pro-bono partners introduced.

  • A Pro-Bono Partner shall be entitled to automatic subscription to Alphajuris Continuing Legal Education Workshop Series.
  • As a subscriber, the Pro-Bono Partner shall be entitled to pay not more than N12,000.00 as registration fee for each Alphajuris Workshop he/she wishes to attend in any part of the country
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