About Us

Let’s Introduce Ourselves

Lawquest Foundation (LQF) is a not-for profit organization established for the pursuit of the following aims and objectives:

  • Promotion of Employment, Financial Inclusion, Wealth Creation and Redistribution.
  • Promotion of Basic Legal Assistance to small Businesses and young Entrepreneurs.
  • Promotion of Continuing Legal Education for Lawyers.
  • Promotion of Training & Employment opportunities for young Lawyers.
  • Promotion of Basic Legal Education for the general public.
  • Promotion of Legal Aid & Access to Justice.


  • 1. Promotion of Continuing Legal Education for Lawyers

    Through our Continuing legal education scholarship scheme (CLESS) LQF promotes continuing legal education for Lawyers nationwide by providing different forms of scholarships for lawyers to attend workshops, seminars, and conferences organized by Lawquest Training Company Limited and other organizations.

  • 2. Promotion of Training & Employment opportunities for young Lawyers

    Lawquest Foundation promotes training and employment of young lawyers by providing scholarships to these young lawyers to participate in the young Lawyers Training & Employment programme organized by Lawquest training limited. Under the young Lawyers Training and Employment programme, selected applicants undergo four days practical training workshop as well as a six months pupilage in selected Law Firms after which they are recommended for job placement.

    LQF supports this programme by sponsoring the 4 days workshop as well as paying monthly transport allowance to each of the beneficiaries.

  • 3. Promotion of Basic Legal Education for the general public

    Citizen’s appreciation of their rights, duties and obligations to the nation and general applicable laws of the land will further promote the rule of law, which is an inevitable ingredient for the growth of democracy in our part of the world.

    It is our belief that acquisition of basic Legal knowledge by citizens would be the basis for economic and social development which in turn creates conditions that are conducive for improved social justice, increased trade and investments which invariably would lead to economic empowerment of the citizens, and ultimately will give rise to a peaceful and more secured country.

    In collaboration with Lawquest Training and Lawquest Publishing Company Limited, LQF provides access to legal education to the general public through the sponsorship of the following programme and publication:

    1. A. Basic Legal Education series (BLE)

      BLE series provides basic legal education by way of symposiums, legal clinics, seminars and workshops to cooperative societies, religious group, the police force and other relevant law enforcement agencies.

    2. B. Juriscope Platform

      This is a weekly radio programme designed as an interactive legal clinic for the benefit of the general public. This programme gives the public the opportunity to seek and get answers to basic legal issues which affect their daily lives.

    3. C. Juriscope Legal Tips

      This is a Legal companion for everybody’s use. Published online by Lawquest Publishing. It aims at providing answers to silent basic legal questions covering all facets of human endeavours. LQF sponsors subscription to the publication for all members of the public.

  • 4. Promotion of Legal Aid and Access to justice.

    Using our network of Lawyers (pro-bono partners), LQF promotes Legal Aid & Access to justice by offering free legal services to less privileged Nigerians who otherwise may not be able to engage the services of Lawyers.

  • 5. Promotion of Basic Legal Assistance and access to funding for small Businesses and young Entrepreneurs.

    It is a known fact that small businesses are vital for the success of any economy and the youth are the backbone to the economic growth and survival of any nation. To encourage self-employment among youths, LQF through its network of Lawyers provides free legal services to small businesses and young entrepreneurs as a way of contributing to economic development of the country.

    Furthermore, through its intermediation services, LFQ also promotes access to funding for small businesses and young entrepreneurs.

  • 6. Promotion of employment, financial inclusion, wealth Creation and Redistribution

    Through the Leadership4Leadership eCommerce programme the Foundation in collaboration with Soleca Services an e-Commerce Company, promotes employment, financial inclusion, wealth creation and redistribution, by connecting Awareness Agents (mostly unemployed youths) to business opportunities through the Leadership4Leadership e-Commerce Platform.