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Who is a Value Partner?
A Value Partner is a well meaning Individual who shares the vision, aims and objectives of Lawquest Foundation.
Registration Is Free
  1. To Register As A Value Partner:
    Complete a Value Partner Online registration form and submit same with a valid means of identification (National ID, International passport, Voters card, or Driver’s license) .
    Visit subscribe free as a basic subscriber.
    This is a Legal companion for everybody’s use. Published online by Lawquest Publishing. It aims at providing answers to silent basic legal questions covering all facets of human endeavours. LQF sponsors subscription to the publication for all members of the public.
  3. Upon receipt of your form you shall be formally registered as an awareness agent and added to the WhatsApp / Telegram platform:

How does A Value Partner Impact Lives?

Based on approval and support from Lawquest Foundation, a Pro-bono partner shall be required to organize Awareness Seminars on Civic or Basic Legal Education in any community of his/her choice.

  • A Value Partner Sponsors Awareness Agents.
  • Sponsoring Pro-bono matters.
  • Sponsoring Town Hall meetings and legal clinics within chosen communities.
  • A Value Partner Sponsors well meaning projects within communities of his or her choice.
  • A Value Partner provides interest free loans for Awareness Agents who bid for supply contracts under the Leadership4Leadership e-Commerce Programme.
  • Beneficiaries of these loans and sponsorships shall be nominated regularly by Lawquest Foundation.

Benefits of Becoming A Value Partner

  • A Value partner shall be entitled to bid for contracts on the Leadership4Leadership e-Commerce Platform.
  • There shall be no limit to the value of lots that can be allocated to a Value Partner for each bid he/she participates in on the Platform.
  • A Value partner shall be entitled to earn 40% of advert fee as commission for adverts secured by him/her on the Juriscope Legal Tips.
  • He/she shall also be entitled to 90% of commission payable to Lawquest Foundation for adverts secured by him/her for any strategic partner.
  • A Value partner shall be entitled to free shipment of products of over N 20,000 ordered from Leadership4Leadership e-Commerce Platform; products of less than N20,000 would require a shipping fee.
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